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Enjoy a professional flooring installation

The best way to complete the perfect flooring experience is with a professional flooring installation. This way, you’ll know that we do the work right, and it protects your warranties too.
But there are plenty of other benefits to a professional installation.

If this will be your first professional installation, you should take the time to learn more about it. The better prepared you are for what to expect, the better your results will be through the service. Here are some facts to get you started.

Choosing the product and moving forward

Once you choose the perfect floor covering, we’ll give you all the details at our flooring company in San Luis Obispo and Morro Bay, CA. Each material has different characteristics and requirements, so not all installations are identical. For example, if you choose hardwood flooring, you'll go through an acclimation period.

But with carpet, your team will use stretchers and seam connectors to ensure the best installation. Tile has different requirements, requiring special cutting tools and lots of experience. We'll know what to do, no matter which material you choose.



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How long does a flooring installation take?

Different materials have different flooring installation times, with hardwood and tile requiring the most time. The extensive lifespan is worth the wait with products from our flooring store. Ask about products like laminate or luxury vinyl if you need a faster installation.

What are the benefits of professional flooring installation?

The most important benefit is knowing that we’ve installed your flooring correctly. Of course, you deserve this peace of mind, even if only in a single room. But professional installation also means your warranties will all still be valid.

Another benefit is the professional consultations you'll receive and answers to any questions about your flooring installation. In addition, we'll share tips on how best to care for these materials and what you can expect after specific periods. Take advantage of this service with your next remodel.
Flooring installation in San Luis Obispo, CA from FLOORING CONCEPTS

Choose our flooring store

At FLOORING CONCEPTS, you'll gain access to a vast inventory of materials that meet your every flooring need. But you'll also get experienced associates dedicated to your complete success and satisfaction. No matter which material you choose, we'll supply services that cater to each.

If you’re ready for professional flooring installation, visit our showrooms in San Luis Obispo or Morro Bay, CA. From there, we serve residents in Morro Bay, CA, San Luis Obispo, CA, Cambria, CA, Los Osos, CA, and Arroyo Grande, CA. Let us know how we can serve your flooring needs while you’re here.